Tournaments Rules
All Formats
  • USGA rules applied
  • Take 10 seconds to look for lost balls
  • Lost ball - drop near the area of lost ball, 1 stroke penalty
  • Out of bound - please follow USGA rules...
  • Red stake - lateral water hazard - drop two club length away from the hole, 1 stroke penalty
  • Yellow stake - water hazard - drop two club length behind the hazard, 1 stroke penalty
  • Unplayable lie - drop 2 club length away from the hole, must remain in hazard if in a hazard, 1 stroke penalty
  • Swing interference by an immovable object that is not an OB boundary - drop 1 club length, no penalty
  • Line of shot interference by an immovable object, drop as needed to clear obstruction, no penalty
  • Player may not solicit advice from opponents, only from partner/team member
Scramble Format
  • Each player will play their shot from the tee box
  • Each player will play their subsequent shots from the best ball location
  • The hole is played until the ball is holed out
Team Handicap
  • Ratio of lower handicap over higher handicap
  • Ratio multiply by 5
  • Subtract result from lowest team member handicap
Individual Format
  • Ball is play until holed out
Golf Etiquette
  • Replace/refill divots
  • Prepare for your shot while your cart partner is playing their shot
  • Near the green, take putter with you to avoid returning to the cart
  • Repair ball marks
  • Read your putting line while others are putting
  • Avoid stepping on putting line of other players
  • Do not stand behind another player while they are putting
  • Fill outscorecard on the teebox of the next hole, do not hold up the group behind you
  • There are no give-me putts.  Putt out unless given instructions by a DFW Lao golf Association Officer.
Ryder Cup Points
Points are awarded for results in individual tournaments only. 
Tournament played
2 points
1st (gross)
2nd (gross)
1st (net)
2nd (net)
Previous Ryder Cup play
Previous Ryder Cup win

Top 20 Ryder Cup Points earners will be invited to play in the Ryder Cup. The Ryder Cup Captain will also have 4 "Captain's Picks" from current members.

Champion Cup Points
Points are awarded for results in individual tournaments only.  A tie-breaker is resolved by determining the member with the most gross points. Points are awarded for both gross and net tournament placement as described below, but not both.
1st (gross)

8 points
2nd (gross)
3rd (gross)
1st (net)
2nd (net)
3rd (net)

2010 DFW Lao Golf Tournament Handicap Rules

1.    Handicap and Flight determination will be determined prior to the first tournament of the year. It is the responsibility of any new member/player to provide 3 recent authentic score cards or a verifiable USGA handicap index prior to any tournaments. If score cards cannot be provided, that member/player will be required to play in Flight A until they have played three or more tournaments sponsored by the DFW Lao Golf or similar organization.

2.    Flight A will consist of players with handicap index of 11.0 and below.

3.    Flight B will consist of players with a handicap index greater than 11.0.

4.    Any player can choose to play in Flight A regardless of your handicap index.

5.    A player with a handicap index of 11.0 and below (A Flight Player) cannot choose to play in Flight B. The determination for Flight B will be strictly be based on your handicap index.

6.    Once a player has chosen a flight, the player will stay in the flight for the entire year regardless of handicap index improvement or change in mind. This is to keep championship point calculation as simple as possible. If your handicap is borderline, please choose your flight wisely as it will be final.

7.    Players will be locked into a flight starting from the very first tournament of the year.

Rules of the KWE Challenge

Period:        2010 DFW Lao Golf Association – regular monthly tournaments

Implemented & Executed by:     Officers of DFW Lao Golf Association


1.               The challenge’s Name shall be named after one of the many possible Sponsors.

KWE will be our inaugural sponsor.

2.               This challenge is fully implemented and executed for all the regular scheduled tournaments of a single season (not including the Ryder-Cup or

Thai & Lao New Year tournament).

3.               The challenge is applicable to all DFW Lao Golf Association – Members.

4.               This challenge combines both Flight A and Flight B for one winner.

5.               All players must T-Off from their perspective T-Box based on their Flight as declared by DFW Lao Golf Association.

6.               A designated Sponsor’s Sign shall be placed as reminder at the designated hole along with proper announcement.

7.               The #1 (Men’s) handicap hole of each course, as declared by the GC, played in a tournament is selected for the KWE Challenge 2010.

8.               A player is allowed to miss any 1 of the regular tournaments –or- omit 1 tournament round played.

9.               All players must putt-out to complete the holes (no give-me of any kind).

10.          The total lowest strokes played combined, on these #1 handicap holes, shall be declared the “KWE Challenge 2010 Champion”.

11.          In the event of a tie – then a complete calculation/factor of the #2 handicap holes played from the tournaments would be used to determine the winner (Champion) and so on.

12.          The winner (Champion) of the KWE Challenge 2010 is awarded the followings:

a.    The KWE Challenge 2010 Champion Trophy – with you name on it.

b.    An automatic Free Membership to DFW Lao Golf Association for the following year.

c.    A Cash Prize of $300.

d.    A Special Photo Section in DFW Lao Golf Association Web-Site.